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Today I got my nails done.  I’ve been going to the same woman for about 5 years.  Her name is Denise and she has become a friend.  Not the one that you hang out with at the mall or go to the movies with but someone that I’m familiar with and comfortable around.  Well, today she told me that her husband “of almost 20 years” asked her for a divorce this weekend. 

I find it ironic that she was ‘asked’ for a divorce.  I mean really, he wants a divorce, I’m not sure he’s asking, you know?  What, she can say no I don’t want one so you can just forget it?  I mean really. 

Besides that little picadillo, it has occurred to me that January has been a tough month in my little neck of the woods.  My co-worker’s divorce became final.  Her grandmother died.  Her good friend was also ‘asked’ for a divorce.  And somebody else that she knows who is in the process of a divorce had her soon-to-be-ex-husband die in a car accident.  AND then I find out that he was the father of one of my son’s friends.  One of my other co-workers lost his mother yesterday.  Another lost her aunt last week. 

I read an article that said alot of divorces happen in January. Everyone seems to buckle it all up for the holidays but then WHAM, all bets are off.  All I can say is that I will be glad to see the back end of January.  This has been a month full of sadness.  I wonder if it has to do with the winter weather?  January in the midwest is cold and dark to say the least.  I am an optimist so I’ll cling to the idea that February has to be better.

Doesn’t it?


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Well, I guess they weren’t kidding.  Blogging is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  I am worried though.  I hear stories about putting things on the web and then there they are.  My niece put a picture up of her drinking and that’s been years ago but I can still find it.  Not to mention the fact that I have no idea what half these buttons mean.  But I just got on Facebook two weeks ago and while it wasn’t quite what I thought it was I figure it’s time for me to see if I can do this.  Right now, I’ve got nothing to say — I’m to overwhelmed with all the things I think I should say or comment on.  But I’m sure (or at least I’m hoping) I’ll settle down and perhaps be able to offer something — you decide if it’s of value or not.

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